February 14, 2012


Spidey 2.0
 Okay, I was resisting the fact that Hollywood was rebooting Spider-Man when it hasn't even been that long since the last movie was released (2007), but I've been forced to cry uncle. After resisting even watching a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man (I'm a Tobey Maguire girl and this new guy is kind of funny looking to me), I was finally forced to when I went to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace last weekend. And I admit--kicking and screaming all the way--that I'm kind of looking foward to seeing it.

I feel dirty even admitting it, but come on!  It's got The Lizard in it this time and everything!


I just hope they don't disappoint me as they so often have in the past. Remember, Hulk? Mm-hm. So do I.

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  1. Replies
    1. I love the nerds too, but he's just so funny-looking. Tobey was funny-looking to, but...I don't know. Maybe I'll get used to it. I do know one thing though--whoever that blond chick is...*smh*. She defines the word funny-looking. They couldn't have found someone else? Okay, that's unfair...maybe she's a really, really good actress. We'll see.


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